PCとインターネット環境を利用した定期開催オークションと、商品情報・希望の売却価格を掲載し、いつでも売買が可能な共有在庫市場のサービスを提供しています。 昨今の病院経営を取り巻く厳しい環境に対し、中古医療機器の市場流通の導入で、医療業界に貢献でき、かつ地球環境にも役立つ事業展開を続けています。


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高度管理医療機器等販売業賃貸業許可証 東京都 第4501031300053号
高度管理医療機器等販売業賃貸業許可証 大阪府 第N06329号


歯科承継マッチングサービス D-Transit https://d-transit.com/



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We provide Kyoyu Zaiko Shijou (a wholesale market operated in the form of shared stock) services, which permit users to sell or buy medical equipment at any time by regularly holding internet auctions, by showing information about the auction items and their desired sales prices. A PC with an internet connection is all you need to participate in the auctions. In response to the hospital management environment, which has been tough in recent years, we have introduced the market distribution of used medical equipment. By operating this business, we have continued to contribute to the healthcare industry and help protect the global environment at the same time.


  • Benefit 1
    Transactions are easy and can be conducted in offices, which is good for busy people.
  • Benefit 2
    Nationwide distribution market of medical equipment
  • Benefit 3
    You can conduct transactions with peace of mind without seeing the actual equipment.

Service Contents

This is a new type of service for the distribution of medical equipment. Two transaction methods allow you to trade equipment easily without time and effort.

Real-time auctions

These are regularly held auctions, for which bids are submitted on a real-time basis using PCs and the internet environment.
The highest bid price may be higher than the desired sales price, so these auctions are recommended for equipment with high demand, such as ultrasonographs, endoscopes, and late-model equipment.

Kyoyu Zaiko Shijou (a wholesale market operated in the form of shared stock) services

These are auction services that allow users to put up information about auction items and their desired sales prices on the internet and accept bids at any time.
This increases the opportunities for items to be seen by potential bidders, and therefore increases the possibility that they will be sold.

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License to sell and rent specially controlled medical devices, etc. issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government: No. 4501031300053
License to sell and rent specially controlled medical devices, etc. issued by the Osaka Prefectural Government: No. N06329

Other Medical Services

D-Transit https://d-transit.com/

This service contributes to the development of the dental industry where the aging population is rapidly increasing by connecting those who wish to transfer their dental office business with those who wish to open a dental office.
The prospective assigner can receive a profit on the sale and the prospective practitioner minimizes the establishment costs.
In addition, professional advisors support both parties in negotiations, and the entire process and progress can be monitored on the website. It thus makes the business succession process safe and secure.

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