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  • 1Access To
    Over 16,000 New Products,
    Every Week!
  • 2Trust

    ・Items are checked for authenticty by our experts
    ・Wholesale like prices
    ・You can see pictures, descriptions, damages, and grades

  • 3User-Friendly

    ・Easy to navigate website
    ・Simple pre-bidding system

Aucnet Brand auction

・Over 700 members across the world
・USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada, and more

Shopping for second-hand luxury products has never been cheaper, easier, and faster!
You have nothing to lose. Try us out today!

About Us

In 2008, Aucnet CP sucessfully established a system where the results of quality checks, authenticity, and item inspections could be converyed without having to look at the actual item. Now sellers can buy stock with ease from the comfort of their store.

The Team

  • Aucnet Komatsuzaki


    International Business
    Development Expert

  • Aucnet Saito



  • Aucnet Yamanashi


    Marketing Coordinator
    and Analyst

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