1. 会員制度の導入
  2. グローバルな販売ルートの確保
  3. 物流支援
  4. 決済・流通管理
  5. 検査制度の導入
  6. グローバルなセリシステム

BPO Support Business

“Taking responsibility as expected and providing greater-than-anticipated value”

We help customer companies with the clearance, conversion, or resale of excess inventories that they have held for a long time. We make the most of our expertise in distribution operation and our optimal systems and inspection regime throughout the entire process from the entry to the exit of merchandise handled by our customer companies, to propose business efficiency improvement and maximization of the profit values of their merchandise.

Service Contents

We support the distribution and conversion of merchandise with our expertise in the following areas.

  1. Introduction of membership
  2. Securing of global sales routes
  3. Support for distribution
  4. Management of settlement and distribution
  5. Introduction of inspection system
  6. Global auction system