たくさんのモノが流通される現代で、欲しいもの、必要としているものを見つけるには、様々な手段が あります。その中でも、情報で流通するオークションは、多くのメリットがあり、売り手・買い手共に 大きな利便性と利益をもたらします。
オークネットは1985年に世界初の中古車TVオークションを開始、以来30年間で培ったノウハウを基盤 とし最適で合理的なオークションスタイルを提供します。







IT Auction and Distribution Business

“Offering services that allow customers to conduct transactions with peace of mind without seeing the actual items”

We see vast amounts of goods distributed today, and there are various means of finding the goods we want and the goods we need. Among them, auctions that distribute goods based on information have numerous benefits and provide convenience and profits to both sellers and buyers.
At Aucnet, we commenced the world’s first TV auctions of used cars in 1985. Based on the expertise that we have developed in the 30 years since then, we provide optimal, efficient styles of auctions.

Auctions for Distribution

Service Contents

■ Creating distribution in new fields

Our nationwide network allows customers to participate in auctions without needing to travel.
We operate the auction business in six fields: used cars, used motorcycles, flowers, brand items, PCs, and medical equipment.
We are proactive in implementing new distribution initiatives that meet the needs of each market.

■ Reliable auction distribution

We continue creating the latest form of auction distribution based primarily on the three elements of “optimal systems” “expertise in operations,” and “reliability of information.”
At our operation center in our Tokyo Head Office building, we provide support for auctioning vehicles and other products by making use of the latest technologies. We thereby provide reliable auctions that allow customers to conduct transactions with peace of mind without seeing the actual items.