Circulation Engine.


Sustainability Policy

Circulating valuable goods on a global scale.

Delivering valuable goods to people all around the world.
This is how Aucnet has been contributing to society through its unique auctions.
By following its core philosophy, "Shaping the Future of Commerce”,
Aucnet has succeeded in creating fair and efficient markets where all transactions are safe and reliable.

In world where ‘discarding old’ and ‘producing new’ has become commonplace,
the impacts of waste on the earth have become too large for us to comprehend.
Aucnet strives to minimize these negative impacts by maximizing the useful life of goods.
By passing goods from hand to hand, person to person, industry to industry, country to country, region to region,
we can extend the lifecycles of countless numbers of valuable goods.

Along with our partners around the globe, we will circulate goods throughout the world.
We are the engine of circulation.
Circulation Engine. Aucnet.


Aiming for a society where all valuable goods are circulated.
We will grow Gross Circulation Value.

Gross Circulation Value (GCV) is the total value of products circulated in Aucnet’s markets. We offer markets for a wide range of used goods: cars, digital products, motorcycles, luxury brand items, and medical equipment. We also have markets for fresh items like flowers. As of December 2020, the annual GCV is 379 billion yen and the cumulative GCV to date exceeds 7 trillion yen. Growing GCV means that we have neither discarded used goods nor produced new goods. In other words, GCV is an indicator for reducing the burden on the earth. Aucnet has adopted GCV as one of its management metrics and aims to increase GCV together with its partners.
We will continue to be a company that is trusted by customers all over the world while contributing to a sustainable global environment, through the power of information.

Aucnet’s Domain

A one-of-a-kind
global market

Our aim is to create a society in which all valuable goods circulate on a global scale. To this end, we operate online auctions for used cars, used digital products, used motorcycles, pre-owned luxury brand items, flowers, used medical equipment, and other items traded by over 33,000 companies* in over 40 countries. Aucnet is accumulating its unique know-how day-by-day, which we use to facilitate smooth and seamless transactions and distribution. This know-how includes information technology (Optimal Systems) to share information on valuable goods around the world, methods to ensure authenticity (Information Reliability), distribution systems (Operational Expertise) to efficiently deliver goods to the people who need them, and a network of partners. Aucnet will continue to utilize and develop its one-of-a-kind global market in an ever more diversified manner.
*As of December, 2020

Sustainability Actions

Equitable Trading
Around the World
the Value of Goods
the Earth Beautiful
Working With All Partners

Aucnet will focus on the following three actions in partnership with its users:
"Equitable Trading Around the World," "Maximizing the Value of Goods," and "Keeping the Earth Beautiful”.


Equitable Trading Around the World

In order to keep global circulation going for many years to come, a trading environment with equality and reliable information is essential. Aucnet's online auctions provide access to the same information no matter where you are in the world, enabling transactions with no information gaps. Furthermore, by providing trustworthy evaluations of goods by third parties, Aucnet enables people around the world to trade fairly and with peace of mind.

・Host online auctions appropriate for the industry and goods
e.g. Flower Business: Conduct descending price auctions to ensure all fresh flowers sell out, avoiding waste.

・Jointly host online auctions with partner companies
e.g. Consumer Product Business: Host online auctions in collaboration with physical auction companies.

・Create fair inspection and evaluation standards adapted to an industry and its goods
e.g. Automobile & Motorcycle Business: Establish unified inspection standards through the investment of 5 major Japanese automobile manufacturers.
9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
10 Reduced inequalities

Maximizing the Value of Goods

Aucnet connects buyers and sellers around the world to deliver used but valuable goods to people around the world who need them. Our business is centered on the secondhand business and our mission is to maximize the value of all the goods we handle and continue to circulate them. Everything is connected to our belief in the value of each item.

・Maximize the value of various goods and distribute them through optimal matching methods
e.g. Automobile Business: Special auctions for lease-up vehicles.
e.g. Digital Product Business: Dismantle and distribute parts of devices that cannot be used as they are, such as devices with inerasable data or cracked LCDs.
e.g. Flower Business: Launch a new type of business where buyers can order the flowers they want from sellers in advance. Buyers can purchase flowers with more reliability, and flower growers can pre-sell their produce, thereby stabilizing prices and expanding sales.
12 Responsible consumption and production

Keeping the Earth Beautiful

Since its founding as a used car business, Aucnet has worked to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles to minimize the impact on the Earth. Our auctions are completely online, which greatly reduces the amount of CO2 emitted during the transportation of vehicles to physical auction sites. Furthermore, by reusing goods for as long as possible, we can reduce the impact on the Earth compared to producing new goods.

・Carbon Offset

・Reduce CO2 emissions in comparison to physical auctions by hosting exclusively online auctions
e.g. Automobile Business: When used cars are traded at a physical auction site, they are transported once to the site, and then again to the new owner. On the other hand, Aucnet's auctions are completely online, which means that used vehicles are transported only once, from seller to buyer, thus reducing CO2 emissions in the distribution process.

Diagram of how it works

・Auctions of used goods prevent CO2 emissions created by disposal and production of new goods
e.g. Secondhand goods business in general: If the cycle of purchasing a new good and then disposing of it is repeated, CO2 emissions occur both when the good is manufactured and when it is disposed of. However, by using Aucnet to circulate goods in the used market, we can prevent the emissions of CO2 during the disposal and manufacturing cycle.
13 Climate action
15 Life on land

Working With All Partners

Since its establishment, Aucnet has been working with partners around the world to grow its market. For us, increasing the number of partner companies means expanding the scope of sustainable transactions. We believe that by expanding the scope of sustainability through auctions, we can overcome difficult global issues that cannot be achieved by Aucnet alone.

・Membership business
e.g. We have operated as a membership business since our establishment. Today, more than 33,000 member companies in over 40 countries are our partners. (As of December, 2020)

・Cooperation with companies in the industry
e.g. We have partnered with physical car auction sites to broadcast their auctions online. Buyers can bid on used cars from all over Japan without having to travel to the site.
e.g. Our live distribution platform for medical information enables collaboration among medical professionals without restrictions of time and location, and contributes to raising the information level for medical care throughout the industry.

・Together with local communities
e.g. Participated in the National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization's "Prevention of Global Warming and Low Pollen Forestation" project for more than 15 years as part of our conservation activities.
17 Partnerships for the goals

A Message from the President&COO

In 1985, even before the word “Internet” was known, Aucnet started the world's first real time virtual used car auction.
Our management philosophy is "Authenticity". We have always pursued the question, "What is genuine service?" and have sought to enable our partners to conduct business more efficiently and with peace of mind. Aucnet has expanded beyond the used car business into a wide variety of industries to deliver "all kinds of valuable goods to people who need them," and now has more than 33,000 partners worldwide.
Aucnet's efforts to provide genuine service to our partners have led to sustainability.
By using Aucnet's information distribution system, the scope of sustainability will expand to the entire globe and help to achieve many SDGs.
Aucnet, as a company that uses information to connect and circulate all kinds of goods, has been and will continue to contribute to sustainability with many more partners.

手書きサイン Handwritten signature

SDGs since its foundation

古いAUCNETの写真 old AUCNET picture

When Aucnet’s founder placed an ad to sell a used car that he no longer needed, he received a flood of inquiries. He realized there were people who needed things that he no longer needed. “Delivering valuable goods to people who need them.” This is how Aucnet's used car business began. The company was founded in 1985. From there, the business progressed to TV auctions of used cars via satellite. Since the days when the word "Internet" was not known, we have created a global auction network and contributed to the realization of a society in which valuable goods are circulated. In addition, we now provide online auction systems to our partner companies, and our scope of sustainability continues to grow.

What are SDGs?


In September 2015, the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where 193 member states unanimously adopted Transforming Our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (2030 Agenda). The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were established for the international community to achieve a better world by 2030, based on the principle that "No one will be left behind.” The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets.

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